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Empowers your every day, with high quality, trusted CBD products. By crafting CBD from seed to shelf, Dragonfly CBD has developed some of the best CBD Oil in the UK.

CBD Types

Important information:

• Clinical trials of cannabidiol in epilepsy (more precisely, its form-resistant Dravet and Lennox-Gastaut syndromes) have been confirmed ONLY FOR ISOLATED CANNABIDIOL (CBD);
• Efficacy and safety in numerous clinical trials CONFIRMED FOR ISOLATED CANNABIDIOL (CBD) ONLY;
• Drug-drug interaction studied and described ONLY FOR ISOLATED CANNABIDIOL (CBD);
• Doctors, in all countries where cannabidiol is officially approved for use, prescribe ONLY ISOLATED CANNABIDIOL (CBD). Especially we clarify: DOCTORS. Not bloggers, not healers, not resellers-dropouts, but DOCTORS.

• The results obtained in clinical trials and studies on the therapeutic potential of isolated (pharmaceutically purified) cannabidiol CANNOT BE TRANSFERRED TO ANY COMBINATION with dozens (or even hundreds) of other ingredients (cannabinoids, flavinoids, terpenes) that make up Broad Spectrum;
• In epilepsy and autism it is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT (and sometimes very difficult and time-consuming) TO SELECT AN INDIVIDUAL EFFECTIVE DOSAGE in milligrams. Isolated CBD is no different from batch to batch, Broad Spectrum are different in composition from batch to batch, different in the composition of the "cocktail" and different in the percentage of all the components that make up this "bouquet". When you give your child Broad Spectrum, in addition to CBD, you also give him this “bouquet”, and no one knows how this mixture works and how it may interact with other medications. But don't expect the same results from this that WERE OBTAINED WITH ISOLATED CBD (predictability, effectiveness, safety, interactions with other medications).

Broad spectrum CBD will be appropriate for adults (BUT NOT FOR CHILDREN), as a supportive dietary supplement, and not as a therapeutic drug similar to vitamins and minerals to improve sleep, correct autoimmune disorders, and manage chronic pain during stress and depression.
But here, too, be careful and careful not to become a victim of scammers. Cannabidiol (CBD) is not a magic cure for all diseases. If illiterate resellers aggressively promise you instant healing from everything in the world, yell that all doctors are fools, but instead of intelligible arguments or consultations send you to look for evidence with their statement on GOOGLE, then this is, at least, a reason to think, “is it worth it at all with to contact them?"

If you have the opportunity to ASK FOR ADVICE FROM THE DOCTOR who observes you or whom you trust - be sure to ask.

Our services

Our company UNIMED SGS Ltd is the distributor for Dragonfly Biosciences Limited, United Kingdom. We offer high-quality CBD bulk, white label and wholesale solutions.

Wholesale options

  • White labelling
  • Bulk Extract/Formulation on request
  • Bespoke formulation requests also available
  • Flavours & additional ingredients available on request
  • R&D Fee for unique formulation, three amendments with samples

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